Well, I tried :)

July 16, 2007

So, yesterday I made my first attempt to attend a party using dial-up. Yeah . . . I won’t be trying that again.

It was an interesting experiment. When I tped in, I could only see my avie on a field of blue. As I stood, a few things rezzed, but I couldn’t see any people—not even Tobie, who stood beside me. I even let Katrina pounce me, but all I saw was my avie standing—there was no animation on my end :/ And chat . . . people were responding to what I said before I could even see the message I typed.

By the time I left, I could see four people, but none were completely rezzed. It’s too bad, as there were people I’d like to meet there. Maybe it will happen at the next meet.

So, kids, just say “no” to dial-up. It’s not worth it. You’ll just end up insane from frustration and stuff.

By the way, I did see some of the pictures on Flickr, and it looks like everyone really dressed for the occasion. Maybe it was good that I couldn’t see everyone else, because my outfit, though emblazoned with little kitty skulls and crossbones, was not very piratish (yeah, don’t care if it’s a word). It was cute, though 😉



  1. Chloe, were just glad you and Tobe made an appearance. I know alot of people were glad you made it. Hopefully you will be back on the fast lane for the next one.. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, DesertWolf! It looks like the party was a lot of fun. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be able to make the next one 🙂

  3. I saw there were some people talking to you, but I couldn’t see you. If I had seen you, you were definitely on my flickr stream. Hope to see you next time!

  4. Chloe, most people know of your situation and the fact that you gave it a try, knowing your odds, you have earned a lot of respect and admiration for doing so. I for one was VERY happy to see you and I know many more were as well. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Looker and dinee!

    It’s no wonder I miss having a fully-functional SL. You guys are awesome 🙂

  6. i know i was very happy to see you there chloe and thank you for giving it a try. i thought your outfit was really cute ^^

  7. Thank you, Tiana 🙂

    And congrats again on your new relationship!

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