Giving up on SLeek

June 30, 2007

Tonight, I thought I would give SLeek one more try. Sure, it had so far caused me nothing but frustration, but I had hope that maybe—just maybe—this time I could get it to work.

My first step was to download the newest SL viewer. The required download was 31 MB, which once took me just a few moments to download. Over dial-up it took 1 1/2 hours. After that, the 700+ KB download for the latest version of SLeek (I discovered that I did *not* have the latest version last time I tried) seemed quite fast, though it still took at least a couple of minutes.

Once I had the programs downloaded, I installed the SL viewer and made my first attempt at logging into SLeek. I typed in my info and watched as SLeek began the login process. After several seconds of seeing “Reading Response…” (wow, was it *actually* communicating with the SL servers?), I became hopeful, as previously I would have received an error message by this point. I waited at least a minute or two before seeing the message change to the familiar “Connecting to region.” OMG, was it actually going to work? Would I be able to IM friends in world?

Suddenly, the screen changed to the SLeek chat interface. I was logged in!

I began to wonder if people could see me. Would I show up on their friends lists? Would I suddenly receive a deluge of IMs from people surprised that I was in world?

As I looked through the different menus in order to figure out the interface, no one contacted me, so I assumed no one could see me. If I was going to IM with friends, I would have to take the initiative. I concluded that I had to use the search function to find the name of a friend, and once found, I could IM with that person.

Not surprisingly, the first person I tried to look up was Tobie. I could tell from the “Friends Online” page on the SL website that she was logged in, and I thought I would surprise her. I typed her name in and waited while it searched. I quickly learned that this search would be nowhere near as quick as it was in world. Fine . . . I could surf the web while I waited. If there’s one thing that dial-up has forced me to be, it’s patient.

I don’t know how many minutes passed before I realized that the search wasn’t working. Since I couldn’t cancel the search, I had to log out of SLeek and try again. But SLeek wouldn’t let me log out, so I had to shut it down manually and relog.

OK, so what could be the problem? Since I had typed “October Hush” before, maybe I should just try “October” this time. Perhaps SLeek couldn’t handle full avie names. Still hoping to get it to work, I typed in “October” and waited. Same results.

Over the next hour or two (or more) I tried the using all lower-case, just first names, just last names, full names, names in quotes . . . but nothing gave me any results. All that I accomplished was to make SLeek unresponsive.

So, I give up. I just don’t think it’s going to work. The only other thing I can think to try is to have someone attempt to IM me while I’m in SLeek and see if I get it. My guess is that even though SLeek is a non-graphical interface, it still needs a faster connection than I can get with dial-up. Either that, or it just hates me :/

Anyway, I’m done complaining. Everyone have a good weekend 🙂



  1. Oh, you poor, poor thing! How frustrating that must have been. You must have been very determined to get it to work, keeping at it for so long.

    I really do hope things are going ok for you Chloe and that you will soon be back with us. I hope the rest of your RL is treating you ok.

    Take good care
    {huge hug}

  2. I’m working on something that I hope might help. I’ll let you know very soon if it works.

  3. SLeek is trying to keep us apart!!


  4. Phoenix: I’m usually pretty relentless when I’m trying to get something to work. I wanted to exhaust all options before giving up on it. I’ve tried it a couple more times since this post, but still no luck :/

    Everything else is fine. Still unemployed, but I’m not broke yet 🙂


    Wolf: I’d be interested in what you’re working on. I’ve done all that I know to do.

    Tobie: Yes, I think that SLeek actually does hate me. And after I’ve been so nice to it . . . or something.

    *pounces on the cute neko*

    At least we have e-mail and the comments section of posts 🙂

  5. *giggles and snuggles into Chloe after being pounced on by her*


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