My second life in pictures

June 12, 2007

I made a quick collage of pics of my different looks throughout my 4+ months of SL. The image on Flickr has notes that give a little background info for each pic.

Twelve days without SL . . . and counting :/



  1. Chloe, SLeek works again! You should be able to use that, even on smallband. Ok, you loose some functionability (like seeing the other avatars), but try it out? *hug*

  2. I can’t believe it’s only been 12 days…

    Oh and Vint, I wish SLeek worked on OSX, because I’d be using it right now at work =/

  3. SLeek? Wassat? I’m assuming it’s some sort of SL client for dialup and such? Hrm.. It’d work, and probably be just as good as normal, if it slowly downloaded all the different lil things to the harddrive and cept them there, like the cache.. but that’d also only work if all the .. like.. say the same kind of skin had the same ID tag for each iteration of it.. just DL it once, and apply it more then once. Then again.. there’s just so much stuff that it’d fill up hard drives fast, so.. ::Shrugs, pouting a lil bit.::

    I miss you, Chloe! ._. ::Hugs, mewing.::

  4. Thanks, Vint! I just recently heard about SLeek, and I downloaded it tonight. I’ll try it out sometime soon 🙂

    Tobie, it does seem like it’s been a really long time 😦

    *keeps her fingers crossed that she’ll be back soon*

    Awww, I miss you too, Kat 🙂 I think SLeek is a non-graphical interface to SL. I’ll be able to chat and IM with people in world, but I won’t be able to see myself or other avies. If it works for me, maybe I should use it even when I get broadband back. Would save me tons of money on clothes, hair, and the like 😉

  5. Haha, well, clothes you can just do like me and go nakie. < .< >.>; ::Giggles.:: But yah, it does sound like that would be a great way to just chat with friends. ::Gives her a hug, pouting.:: I hope to see you really soon. Miss yah. ::Nods.:: Was always nice to talk to yah.

  6. chloe! this collage rocks so hard my girl! woo hoo!

  7. Hee-hee, thanks, Myg! 🙂

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