Official monthiversary

June 6, 2007

Choosing a start date for my and Tobie’s relationship wasn’t quite as simple as it may seem. There were at least three dates vying for that honor. The first was May 2, when Tobie and I visited Curious Kitties and she gave me both the figurative and literal push I needed to recognize her interest in me. Though I did not admit to having feelings for her before she logged out of SL that evening, I sent her an e-mail that night telling her, indirectly, that I was interested in her as well. It was a huge, thrilling, scary step for me.

The second possible date was May 6, the day of the first blogger meet. This was the first time after sending Tobie my e-mail that we got to meet in world. Though it took a while for us to really get to talk, I think it was at this point that we really had the opportunity to express our feelings for one another.

The third possibility was May 10, the day that I announced our relationship on my blog. Of course, the act of making a public announcement perhaps made our relationship seem more official, so this was obviously a reasonable choice for marking our beginning together.

After discussing the date, we agreed on May 6, and I really do think this marks the true beginning of our relationship together. Everything was set into motion on May 2, but I think it was on May 6, cuddled together in the neko basket at Zoe’s exchanging IMs, that we really became a couple. And though May 10 may seem like the more official date, since this was when our relationship was announced on the blog, the announcement didn’t make us a couple. I believe it was our time together on May 6 that made us so 🙂

Gah, so much rambling. Why do you all read this nonsense? 😉

Anyway, today marks the offical monthiversary for the two of us. It has been a wonderful month—without question my best in SL so far—and I can’t wait to get back in world to spend more time with my Tobie 🙂

So, to Tobie . . . happy monthiversary, babe 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you and our first month together all day today. *hugs*

To everyone else . . . thank you so much for the friendship and support you’ve shown. There really are some fantastic people in SL, and I miss you all *so* much.

Chloe and Tobie at Curious Kitties, May 2, 2007



  1. Happy month-i-versary, kitten =)

    I’ll be thinking of you *purrs*

  2. Hehe.. You two are too cute! I’m glad you both found each other. Would be a shame if you hadn’t. I know it’s going to be rough for a while. Not being able to see each other, and all.. But you can do it. ::Nods.:: Just gotta have faith that everything’ll work out. ^^ ::Gives both long cuddles and soft kisses. Mew!::

    Anyway, happy ::blushes at the word:: monthiversary to both, and I hope you’re able to get together again really soon. ^^

  3. Congrats you guys!! 🙂 A xx

  4. Congrats you two cute kitties …

  5. congrats you two, i’m glad you found each other ^^ and as i said before, you 2 look so cute together ^^ you’re one of the fantastic people of Sl chloe and tobie too. *hugs you tight* ^^

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Love you guys! 🙂

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