Hell’s nekos?

May 24, 2007

So, when Zoe added my post from yesterday to the Blogosphere, she added this at the top of the post:

I love Chloe’s Neko Biker Gang idea…Count me in!

Hell’s Nekos, anyone?

Though the whole biker gang thing was a joke (even though I wouldn’t mind roughing up a few “sex wiht me” guys), maybe it could be an idea for a blogger party theme. It would mean I would actually have to buy a motorcycle, but I’m generally not too opposed to shopping 🙂

Anyway, I don’t have a lot to post about today. Yesterday, after Tobie made me neurotic about my appearance ;), we worked on a slightly altered face shape for my black tabby skin. I’m not sure that I’m sold on it, but we’ll see. Later on, Tobie went into Midian, and I spent my time IMing back and forth with her and with a few other friends. At one point, my friend tped me to shop with her and a couple of her friends, but they ended up ditching me (just kidding Sexy—I know you didn’t intend to). So, I went back to my temp skybox (rezzed using my new Mystitool) until Tobie finally got tired of Midian and I tped over to her skybox to see her.

*sighs* I don’t even have pics to show you guys. Sorry 🙂



  1. Well, I already have that nice old BMW motorcycle that I bought (with the sidecar), and I have a motorcycle jacket too. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about helmets in SL except as fashion accessories. 😉

  2. I love that blogger theme idea. Looks like the suggestions have already been chosen for June, but we’ll need another set of suggestions for July.

  3. I have my bike, when we ride?

  4. Where’s a good place to buy a Harley inworld?

    Anyone have a LM.

  5. Zoe, I don’t think you can buy an *actual* Harley in world, though I know of one shop that puts a “David Harleyson” emblem or some such nonsense on their bikes.

    I’ve been looking at some of the bikes at Regulator Chopper. It looks like they run about L$1000, but they appear to be a little more nicely designed than some of the other bikes I’ve seen.

    I just wish I could test drive a bike first to see how it rides (as well as how I look on it).

    DesertWolf, as someone who has a bike, do you have any input on this?

  6. Forgot the SLURL for Regulator.

  7. I really want a 1960s-style Café racer in SL, but nobody makes them. That’s a project I wouldn’t mind trying to tackle myself, though I don’t know anything about scripting.

    Wot! No bike? (check them out here if you have no idea what a Café racer is)


  8. That would be a cool building project. I’m the same way about scripting. Totally clueless 🙂 I’ve been meaning to look into it with my free time, but that hasn’t happened.

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