Black cat

May 23, 2007

So yesterday, during my insomnia-fueled wanderings about the grid, I decided to buy a Hybrid skin that I had been thinking about over the last few days. I wanted to get a dark skin, as every other skin I have ranges from fair to utterly pale. There were three shades I was considering: a reddish-brown, a darker version of the reddish-brown, and a black (actually, dark gray). I first showed the skins to my friend Dirk, who preferred the black skin. Then, I showed the skins to Tobie, who liked the reddish-brown skin, but seemed to like the black skin better. Since I believe strongly in democracy and stuff, I went with the black skin.

Tough kitty.

Since I had a new skin, I thought I’d go with a new look. OK, OK, I know, it’s not an entirely new look, as the outfit I’m wearing is the same I wore one night a couple of months ago, but I think that it really looks different with this skin, hair, and ears.

My first trip to the Block back in March.

It’s funny, but I actually felt a little tougher walking around like this. I felt more intimidating than intimidated, and I just dared anyone to mess with me. I even went motorcycle shopping. Maybe I’d start my own neko biker gang, and we’d go around roughing up newbies and guys who said “sex wiht me.”

Of course, all this changed when I was approached by a guy in a store, when I instantly reverted to my usual self and cringed, thinking that I would once again politely endure a tedious conversation that would soon devolve into a request for sex.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. In fact, the man who approached me was a perfect gentleman who had read this blog and wondered about my insomnia! I felt that I had initially responded rather cooly towards him, and I regretted that a lot. It’s unfortunate that 90% of the guys on SL ask for sex almost immediately after starting a conversation. I can imagine it makes it much harder for the decent guys who actually are interested in being sociable rather than just scoring some quick slex.

Anyway, thank you, Lord . . . um, can’t remember your surname offhand (sorry). I have a *little* more faith in the male population of SL now 🙂


  1. “It’s unfortunate that 90% of the guys on SL ask for sex almost immediately after starting a conversation. I can imagine it makes it much harder for the decent guys who actually interesting in being sociable than just scoring some quick slex.”

    Chloe, yes it is, on both counts…

    And sign me up for the gang…already have the bike..

  2. it is quite suprising what a new skin can make you feel like or even a change of clothes. i often try different styles to see how they will make me feel and often i have a feeling of rightness or wrongness with certain items, its like a moral compass or something ^^

    and god bless the guys that actually have a clue and can think of other things then sex.

  3. Lady Streeter,

    I hope that this comment finds you well rested. I was the gentleman that approached you in the store. Feel no regret or shame in your actions or attitudes. I understand perfectly.

    I recognized you at once as I entered the store. I had read your blog not an hour before. I, too, hesitated to approach you given the behavior of most men in SL, as I always do outside my own community. Regrettably, I made a rather feeble attempt to break the ice and exited with some frivolous excuse. For this, I apologize.

    Thank you so much for your gracious compliment as to my conduct. I have always hoped to dispel the myth that there are no remaining gentlemen in RL or SL. The species is rare, but does exist. Perhaps the encounter will go better for the both of us should we meet again in the future. Until we meet again, M’Lady (bows low).

    At Your Service,

    Luke Poplin
    Ancient of the Mist
    Avilion Mist

  4. I’m glad you quoted me, DesertWolf. Saw some errors that I had to go back and fix 😮

    Anyway, I must say that though I haven’t really had a chance to talk to you, you definitely seem like one of the more “with it” guys 🙂

    Tiana, it really is amazing the difference an appearance change can have on you. For a long time, I tried to keep my avie reasonably close to my RL appearance, and now that I’ve loosened that up a bit, I feel a little freer. But like you, I still know that certain clothes/skins/etc. just *feel* wrong on my avie.

    Luke, I am sorry that I got your name wrong. Perhaps that I thought you name was “Lord” reflects on how honorable I found your behavior to be 🙂 I would be very pleased to see you in world again. I was great to meet you 🙂

  5. Chloe, anytime you want to chat, IM me, a lot of the time I hanging out with dinee, but we would love to have others join us. Also, could use a guide for Midian City if you you and Tobie wouldn’t mind showing dinee and me around. Checked it out on the Beta Grid, but not quite the same I am sure.

  6. ::Points at Luke.:: RPer. < .< Good one. >.> And wow. So well spoken. Very interesting to see such well spoken writings in almost any online community. It speaks alot for character.

    Erm, anyway, on topic: I personally prefer the original look of yours. <.< Well.. original as in the one I met you with. Then again.. I like more realistic skin, just out of random prefrence. ^^; But, whatever floats your boat is what you should do! ::Nodnod.::

  7. DesertWolf, I’ll have to check with Tobie on Midian. She knows it *much* better than what I do, as I’ve only been there twice (three times if you count when I chickened out at the entrance and tped back home). It’s definitely something you should see, though. Very cool build.

    I agree about Luke, Katrina. He and DesertWolf give me a little hope for the guys in SL 🙂

    Oh, and the black skin isn’t going to become my default, so you’ll definitely see the freckled skin again. I just like to switch between them, depending on my mood.

  8. Yep, I know how you feel babe. My defenses go up every time a guy starts talking to me too.

    And you looked so hot last night as a punky, dark neko…mmmm *purrs*

  9. *sighs*

    First I have the “sex wiht me” guys hitting on me, and now I have nekos invading my comments doing the same . . .


    p.s. you were kinda hot, too 😉

  10. Wow. The though Neko picture is stunning!

    And about the male avies: there are some good ones. We need to keep those close! 😉

  11. Thanks, Vint!

    And, yes, we definitely need to keep the good guys around 🙂

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