Pleasantville with Tobie and the Flickrite party

May 18, 2007

Let’s see . . . what’s happened over the last couple of days . . .

Wednesday, I got to spend a little bit of time with Tobie in Pleasantville. Not as much time as I would have liked, but that’s pretty much always the case 🙂 We started out in her skybox and then walked around the build a little, ending up in the botanical area where Kriss’s new trees are showcased. For some reason, I jokingly threatened to drown myself in a puddle, which resulted in this pic:

Soon after, Tobie had to leave, so I was stuck in SL all by myself. *sniff* I think I logged off for a bit, and during that time, I got an idea for my skybox (finally). I logged back on and began building it, but I ended up realizing that it might not be appropriate for my PG lot. So, to get to the point :), my land is now up for sale, and I’ll likely be looking for a decent-sized mature plot soon.

Last night, Codie teleported me in to the Flickrite party that was taking place at the Dragon Inn. There were a *lot* of people from Flickr there, and it was great to see them in world. Not long after I got there, though, I tped Tobie, and my attention kinda got wrapped up in her, so I didn’t do very much (i.e., any) socializing with anyone else. Maybe at the next gathering, I’ll manage to talk to a few people, as it was great to see the avies behind the Flickr pics 🙂

I was a wonderful night with Tobie. I’m probably not going to be on SL all weekend, so I’m glad we had the time together. Gives me something to smile about for the next few days 🙂



  1. /me purrs happily

  2. Ahhhh!! Cute~~ So dang cute! ::Mews.:: I knew you two would make the cutest dang couple ever! ^-^ Makes me just wanna eat yah both up. ::Nod.::

  3. Hee-hee, thanks Katrina 🙂

    *scritches the kitty behind the ears*

  4. The two of you make a great Ophelia together! 😉

  5. Well, I were to choose to be anyone from Hamlet (and what a sorry choice that would be), I guess I’d pick Ophelia.


    I don’t know. Haven’t read it in *so* many years. Is there anyone in the play who *doesn’t* go a little mad or die? 🙂

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