You can never go home?

May 15, 2007

Beware: overly introspective and (possibly) unnecessary post

I’ve been thinking a lot about time in Second Life because . . . um, sometimes I think too much (and other times, not nearly enough). It just really seems remarkable to me how long ago my rez day seems, though the same period in my RL doesn’t seem all that long ago. Why is it that three months seems so long in SL?

I contemplated all of this last night when, on a whim, I returned to the land I first rented after starting Second Life. I was just curious about how much things had changed in the two months since I had moved from there to the land I had bought in Farstone.

I started by visiting the 512 sq.m. plot where my house once stood. Currently, the lot is empty, though someone has rented it. I remembered how nice it was to finally have a little virtual place of my own. A place where I could dress and undress without worrying about being seen (I didn’t know how easy it is to cam through walls at the time). A place to relax and watch the virtual fire in my virtual fireplace. A place where I could rez objects so I could sift through all the freebies I was picking up. Yes, a place to call home 🙂

An early pic of me standing in front of my house.

Me, sitting on the empty lot where my house once stood.

I began feeling nostalgic for those days, when SL was new and I did a lot of exploring. When I was excited about the possibilities and wanted to try out everything.

It hit me what my early days were like: a new, virtual childhood. Once again, I was introduced into a new world and had to figure out my place in it. That first month was a process of maturing, and at the end of it, I was much more knowledgable about the ways of SL than I was at the beginning.

I think that is why these three months seem abnormally long. They have been filled with many, many experiences that have taken my avie from absolute newbieness to where I am now. It’s like becoming an adult again.

The night I bought my first neko skin—a big step in getting me to where I am now—I stopped at a park down the road from my house and sat for a bit, thinking. I have no idea what was going through my mind then. The only thing I can remember is that I was happy with my new skin. It just felt good to wear it.

In the park the night I bought my neko skin.

I stopped by the park again last night. At first, I didn’t think it existed anymore, which saddened me a bit, but then everything finally rezzed, and I was happy to see it again. I sat in the same spot I had over two months earlier and wondered if things would continue to change at such a rapid pace. I thought about the relationship I just started. What will it be like in two months? Will there even still be a relationship?

My return to the park.

Of course, I don’t know the answers to these things. I’m looking forward to finding out, though 🙂

We’ve all heard that you can never go home, the idea being that things change and what once was safe and comfortable is now alien. The idea was once somewhat disheartening, but I like it now. I believe change happens because, in one way or another, it is needed. And if we find ourselves unable to go home, maybe it’s because we’ve outgrown it.



  1. Is it bad that the first thing that came to my mind was “I’m glad she doesn’t wear those butterflies anymore”?


  2. Hee-hee, I still have that outfit :p

    Ah, the early days, when I was cheap and only wore freebies . . .

  3. I know you…you’re still very tempted by freebies though!

    You know what’s funny too is that I mentioned to you how similar many nekos look that wear that voodoo skin, but that really does look like you.

    Maybe I’m just biased, who knows 😉

  4. Yes, I still have hope that I *might* find something free that is actually useful.

    What’s strange is that I’ve been thinking how much that *doesn’t* look like me in the Voodoo skin.

  5. Well love the look back and the revisiting of places with the before and now pics. Nice compare and contrast. And it amazing sometimes how quickly things can change in SL.
    Enjoy the journey…..

  6. Thoughtful stuff Chloe – there seems to be a lot of it going on right now 🙂 So long as we are all moving forward, enjoy the journey and stop to admire the scenery once in a while, we will all be fine. I hate change, always have, but I am learning to accept that it happens for a reason. Sounds like you feel that way too. Thanks for sharing. {hugs}

  7. now i feel nostalgic too XD you made me want to visit my old land too, i just cant remember the name of it XD

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