Catching up

May 14, 2007

I hate it when I go a few days without posting. Leaves me with so much to talk about, yet I don’t want to write an overly long post. Anyway, here goes . . .

On Friday, I got to spend some time with Tobie. Yay! I was shopping for tats when she logged on (had just bought my tattoo of the symbol for Cancer), so we started there, then we went to Koreshan for a bit, and we finally ended up in Imogen. There I met Menno Ophelia, Devo Whippet, and Aemilia Case, all very talented people whose work I know from Flickr. We sat and talked for a bit (actually, I don’t think I said much, but I usually get that way when I’m in a group where everyone else seems to know one another). Afterwards, Tobie and I walked around Imogen to see everything that has changed. I had only been to Imogen once before, but I spent quite a bit of time there (was talking to a new friend for hours while roaming about). Imogen has totally been transformed. It still has the same feel, but the landscape is much different.

I snapped this pic right before we left Imogen. I was fortunate that the sun just happened to be setting as we were leaving.

After Imogen, Tobie and I went to the space museum (don’t know what the official name is). We walked around for a bit, I got ran over by a tour bus and flipped it over, Tobie showed more concern over the bus than me . . . yeah, good times 🙂 We took the space flight (something you have to do if you go) and checked out all the various planets. I even stood on the rings of Saturn, until someone knocked me off (OK, that’s the last time I’ll bring that up).

I think this was the first time we went out and did something together other than shop. It was fun, and I hated to say goodbye that night.

I didn’t log back onto SL until late Sunday night due to going home for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, I logged on too late to see Tobie, but I did get to spend some time with Dirk. I started the night looking for some pierced neko ears and finally found some at Kalico Kreations. Afterwards, I looked around the new Block for the first time. It’s pretty cool, though it was really laggy for me. You can see a few pics of it on my Flickr page, including this one:

I actually don’t think I spent any money at the Block. I wanted to buy a new top to go with the overalls I’m wearing in this pic, but I didn’t find one I really wanted. Dirk did some shopping though, and even modeled his purchase for me . . . but I won’t show those pics here. Let’s just say he put the boy into boy shorts, and the results weren’t pretty 🙂 And I won’t even comment on the hot pink Playboy thong.

I ended the night helping my friend Sexy pick out a dress for her wedding. Sexy’s in no way conventional (which is a good thing), so her dress isn’t either. She bought one from 7 Deadly Sins in which she looks stunning, and I can’t wait to see her in it at her wedding. I’m *so* happy for her and wish her nothing but the best 🙂

So . . . that’s it for now. This is Chloe of Streeter Scene, signing out 🙂



  1. It’s the International Spaceflight Museum, btw. And I didn’t know the Block got a redo! I’ll have to check that out soon.

  2. I think the old Block still exists, but I have no idea for how long.

    While the new Block looks cool and all, it has been laggy both times I’ve been there, even though there weren’t a bunch of other people in the sim with me. I’m curious how bad it might get with a bunch of people there simultaneously.

  3. i want to join how do i join

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