Koreshan Pointe

May 9, 2007

One of my favorite sims in Second Life is Koreshan. I discovered it fairly early in my SL days, I think when I was looking for EGL dresses. That brought me to Draconic Kiss, which at the time was located in the carousel building (which afterwards housed Etch’d but is currently unoccupied). I instantly fell in love with the sim because of its run-down amusement park theme, as well as some of its very cool shops.

I find that many times when I’m bored, I’ll stop in at Koreshan just to see if anything is different. Recently, there has been quite a bit of change. Since I first visited the sim, Draconic Kiss has moved and expanded, Gritty Kitty has opened up in a roller-coaster-themed shop, and stores such as Refuge have moved in. Also, a substantial portion of the sim has been redone, and it appears that new shops will be opening soon.

I wish that more developers put this kind of thought into sim design. This is one of those places that really makes SL worthwhile.


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