Chloe’s SL bender

May 1, 2007

Yeah, it was last night. I’m not sure I remember much of it :p

I had a whopping 2 1/2 bourbon and Coke’s. But I poured them strong. And I was drinking on a relatively empty stomach. And I haven’t drank very much in quite a while.

I’ll add more excuses as to why I’m such a wimp later, once I think of some more 🙂

Let me just say that walking around SL in a drunken daze isn’t really all that entertaining :/ I was all ready to get nuts, and instead I went from deserted sim to deserted sim watching my avie walk.


Anyway, I did hang out with October a little bit at the end of the night, plus I IMed a bit with my friends Tommy, Codie, and FOB. I guess I should be thankful for that 🙂

We’ll see if there’s a repeat performance tonight.

Oh, and not surprisingly, I don’t have any pics to post 🙂


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