More birthday wishes

April 28, 2007

Yes, someone else I know in world has a birthday today. I don’t know if he’s ever even seen this blog, but I’m sending out birthday wishes to him as well 🙂

So happy birthday, buddy!

Last night was somewhat of a work night in SL. I cleaned about 500 items out of my inventory (mainly by getting rid of copies of items from complete outfits I had made) and I added a bunch of new textures into Glam Studio to use as backgrounds. For L$350, it’s been a pretty good purchase. It has me experimenting with lights a bit, which will help when I make bigger setups later. Tobie and I talked yesterday about possibly doing an EGL shoot, so I’ll probably try to do a lot with lighting if we do it in my skybox.

I also spent some time shopping last night (no big surprise there). It’s funny—it almost seems like I’m shopping for new outfits in which to go shopping for more new outfits. I should probably get out and do more than shop and take pics 🙂

While at Deviant Kitties (which is becoming one of my favorites stores), I came across a short hairstyle called Chloe. And I liked it. It seemed like I was fated to buy it, and who am I to argue with fate? The only problem with it is that it doesn’t work well with my neko ears, so I had to remove them. Anyway, here’s what the new do looks like:

I actually like it quite a bit. I may do some work with my neko ears to get them to look right with it.

I also took a few other pics trying out some lighting configurations with the Glam Studio backdrops. I like the following one quite a bit. You can see a couple more on my Flickr page 🙂


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