Toe’d Up at the Sacred Music Grounds—recap

April 20, 2007

I wasn’t on SL for very long yesterday. Mainly, I came online to see my friend Annie’s group Toe’d Up play.

Annie’s voice is just awesome. I love listening to her. And in between songs, I got to hear some of her band mates joking around. Sounds like a fun group 🙂

I think I’m going to start dragging people to the concerts, willingly or not 😉 They really are great and definitely worth listening to.

I took some pics, but I really wasn’t satisfied with a lot of them. I made sure I got at least one good pic of Annie’s hubby Geo, since I’m not sure I’ve taken a good one in the past. And I think that’s the pic I’ll post here in the blog.

Don’t worry, Annie lovers. I have a pic or two of her on my Flickr page 🙂


  1. Aww, I would have gone with you if I could have. I’ve only been to a couple of live performances in SL so far.

  2. I’ll be sure to let you know next time. I don’t know if they ever play any later shows. Since they’re in Europe, that would make it really late for them.

    That reminds me, I may not be able to make their shows in the future, since I’m going to have to join the real world soon :/

  3. Ohh thanks so much for the wee review!! 🙂

  4. Chloe,
    Love your style of writing I can’t understand why I have never seen your work before, I have been away! but it is a good read and really fun!

  5. You’re welcome, Annie 🙂 I just wish I were more knowledgable about music so I could go more in depth.

    And thank you, Taimi 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. I just hope I can keep it interesting 🙂

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