April 17, 2007

Tonight, I made the second image in what I’m calling my Paradise Lost series.

I actually prefer this image to the one I posted last night. I put quite a bit of work into it. Of course, I don’t plan on this image getting as many views as last night’s, which topped out at over 700 (astronomical for one of my pics).

Anyway, enjoy 🙂 As always, any and all comments are welcome.



  1. WHOA! that’s pretty scary man…

  2. Ooh, very nice! Did you post this to the SL Retouched group?

  3. Well, if there’s one thing I aspire to be, it’s scary 🙂

    I did post this to the Retouched group, though I’m not sure why. Does anyone even talk about techinique there, or is it just another group to post to?

  4. It’s not required that you talk about technique, but yes, it’s mainly a place for people to show off their “skillz”.

    You’re more than welcome to tell the audience what you did.

  5. But I’d rather just complain about it 😉

    For some reason, I thought people would be looking at images there and discussing what was done. Not that I expected to see that on every picture, but I thought it would be done on some of them without a “look what I did” post.

    But it’s the morning and I’m cranky waiting for my coffee, so don’t mind me 🙂

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