Falling from Grace

April 15, 2007

Grr . . . there’s nothing I love more than writing out a long post and hitting “Publish,” not realizing that I’ve lost my wireless connection, so I in turn lose my post.

Anyway, I’m not going to type it all out again now. The point of it was that I came up with a concept for an image I wanted to do and I did it somewhat successfully in world today. Here’s the image:

Maybe I’ll go into more depth about it tomorrow. I’m just frustrated now :/

By the way, dipping into RL a bit here, I’ll be finished with my thesis tonight, and it will be in the hands of my readers tomorrow. Woot!

EDIT: This pic has now become the most viewed in my photostream, though no one has commented on it yet (not sure how to take that). Regardless, woot again!



  1. Well if you wanted a post…here you go…this is by far one of the “sexiest” avatars I’ve seen from your collection. Maybe it’s the skimpy clothing…maybe it’s just the fact that a bookworm grad student like yourself can transform herself from NERD to SUPERHOT HAWKGIRL! hehehe
    Just playin, but seriously, love the new get-up.
    Oh, and the new hairdo…mine…still not sold on it…but hey, apparently I’m a a Chloe supporter!

  2. Nerd? Bah! I’ve never been anything but cool Just ask me :p

    And regardless of what you think, prim hair is the way to go.

    It’s one of the three things you must change about your avatar to keep from being an eternal newbie appearance-wise (the other two things are skin and shoes).

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