Punky in Pleasantville

April 11, 2007

I don’t have it in me to do a long post today, so I’ll just hit the highlights from yesterday.

  • Talked to October.
  • Talked to Professor Swindlehurst.
  • Talked to Codie.
  • Revisited an outfit I began working on soon after starting SL. Got a reasonable amount done on it.
  • Bought a mohawk (doubt anyone saw that coming).
  • Visited Pleasantville and took some pictures.
  • Found Jesus. He’s been having all kinds of parties in the apartment next door. Turned him in to the apartment manager, Mr. Pilate. He said he’d take care of it. *

Anyway, I’ll post a pic, like I usually do. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good pic showing everything that I did to the outfit. I guess that will just make it more of a surprise when it’s done 🙂

*Please don’t let that last bullet offend you. That wasn’t the intent.



  1. Golly, whoever that Professor Swindlehurst is…must be pretty freakin cool to get mentioned on this page.
    On a lighter note, alot of people are always trying to find Jesus…congrats on meeting him in Second Life!

    (pushes soapbox out for others now)


  2. I hear that the Professor is a lot cooler since he finally got prim hair.

  3. I’ll bet that dreadhawk that I have would look good on you. It comes in a bunch of colors. I bought it at Club Industry.

    Punk kitty! *purrs*

  4. Hee-hee 🙂 It’s not nice to tempt me with new hair purchases after I’ve spent so much recently.

    meow >^-^<

  5. If my dreadhawk is transferrable, I can let you try it on, as long as you promise to give it back of course =)

    I still need to go to the hair fair. RL has been getting in the way of my SL-time this week!

  6. Awwww, you don’t trust me 😦

    Of course, I know what you mean about RL getting in the way. You’d better get to the fair soon. I think tomorrow is the last day.

  7. Crap…I’ll try to get to the fair today then, when I get home from work.

    And yes, of course I trust you, silly!

  8. I hope the Hair Fair isn’t as laggy for you. It ended up crashing me five times. It even Ruthed me 😮

    There are quite a few freebies, but most of the free hair are longer styles :/ Still some good stuff, though, and I think I ended up buying three styles (including the hair from my latest pics).

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