Works in progress

April 9, 2007

As of this morning, everything has been cleared off my land. No more cottage. No more pond. No more Maneki Neko. It is now a clean 1536 sq.m. plot.

But, 500 meters up in the sky, there is a new build in progress. There’s not much to it yet (a 48m x 30 m x 10 m box), but I plan on transforming it into my own little Wonderland. It’s going to be hard with only 351 prims at my disposal, but I’m going to try 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about the comic book. I don’t have a lot of it worked out, but I’m considering calling it I Was a Teenage Neko, referencing a 1957 horror movie starring Michael Landon called I Was a Teenage Werewolf. I’m also thinking of using a 1964 horror movie called The Atomic Brain as a model, as this movie had a mad scientist placing a cat’s brain in a woman’s body (at least, I think this was the movie). I’m pretty sure that the makers of The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra had this movie in mind when they made their catwoman character.

The Silent Hill line of clothing/avatars is still something I’m considering as well, but I think I need to look at more tutorials or take some classes (if there are any available). I need to figure out how to make wrinkles in clothing so that it looks more realistic. I really want to do the characters justice.

Sighs. If only I had all day to devote to my creative endeavors.

Oh, if you never got a chance to see the old cottage, this is what it looked like:



  1. Well I’ll miss the old cottage…especially your servant ladder to the upstairs.
    Look forward to the final results of your SKYHOUSE.

  2. Thanks, Russ.

    It should be cool (emphasis on the “should”).

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