Chloe in Wonderland

April 7, 2007

I love Alice in Wonderland, though I have to admit that my exposure to the story has come primarily through movies (I’ll have to rectify that soon). It was my favorite of the Disney movies, and I would have much rather been Alice than Snow White or Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or Ariel or . . . you get the point. So, when I was at Grim Dolls and saw an EGL dress (I’m classifying it as that, forgive me if I’m wrong) inspired by Alice in Wonderland, I had to get it. For much of the remaining night, I took pictures of myself wearing it at the Wonderland theme park.

While I was at Wonderland, I met someone who had been in SL less than a month. She didn’t have prim hair and was using the default skin, so I took her to ETD to get their newbie collection and I gave her what transferable skin I had. I enjoyed doing it, and it was a great way to spend my two month SL anniversary (yes, I know that it’s wrong to use anniversary here, but do we have another word for it?).

Last night, I really didn’t do much but shop, so I won’t bore you with all the details. I bought some new boots, which I love, and I went to Hair Fair (and only crashed 5 times!). My hair collection now is huge. Here’s a pic of me in my boots:

While at Hair Fair, I saw Stephanie Misfit and Swirly Cyclone, who I recognized from SL, so I had to snap this pic. Shh, don’t tell 🙂 If you look, you can see me in the background.

I ended the night trying on all my new hair at Codie’s. She was trying to convince me to try out some longer styles, but that’s not going to happen 🙂

I hope that I’ll be doing some things that are more exciting to read about soon. I have an idea for a comic book made from SL images. The storyline right now is a throwback to 50s horror movies, kind of a spoof like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. I’ve already bought some outfits from artilleri for it (that store is so cool—it’s where I’d like to take most of the pics). I’m also thinking of clearing my land and building a large, multi-room skybox with an Alice in Wonderland meets Silent Hill theme. I’m just starting to plan it now and don’t know if I’ll be able to pull it off, but I’m going to try 🙂

Oh, and if anyone is interested in helping with the comic book, let me know. Could be cool.

Could be 🙂

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