Veteran of the Neko Wars

April 4, 2007

Well, I’ve come to a decision. I’m going to spend all my time on SL as a neko, at least for the next couple of weeks. It’s just feeling right at the moment. We’ll see if it sticks 🙂

I’ve also decided to try to try out some new things with my images. The last batch I shot, I made into a silly little story. I’m hoping tonight’s images tell a story of their own without me providing a narrative (though the title I gave each image certainly pushes the viewer to see the pic a certain way).

My inspiration for this set came from a song from Blue Oyster Cult called “Veteran of the Psychic Wars.” I’m going to quote the particular part of the song that ran through my mind tonight:

You see me now a veteran of a thousand psychic wars
My energy’s spent at last
And my armor is destroyed
I have used up all my weapons and Im helpless and bereaved
Wounds are all Im made of
Did I hear you say that this is victory?

I you’re interested in the rest of the lyrics, they can be found here.

I did a few things in Photoshop to each pic in an attempt to make it look vintage. Certainly not the most accomplished job, but I’m happy with what I’ve done. Below is the first in the series. You know where to find the rest 😉



  1. /me claps her hands excitedly

    Yes! Another convert to Nekoism! =)

  2. Yep . . . at least for a couple of weeks 😉

    Now to figure out what it means to be a neko beyond the fashion.

    Chloe gets out her issue of Pwnd #2.

  3. I think the important thing is what it means to you, which may not be the same as what it means to me or the next neko. If you want to explore what it means, we can talk about it sometime. Actually, I plan on making my own neko post in my blog sometime soon as well.

  4. Cool. I’ll look forward to reading it 🙂

    To me, being a neko explores a certain part of my personality. A playful, cute side . . . as opposed to the, um, fierce ogre I usually am 🙂

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