Hmm . . . shouldn’t I be working?

March 30, 2007

So, instead of doing the work that I need so badly to finish, I spent the night on SL. By this point, I think it’s what’s expected of me :/

At least I had a good time tonight. I bought some more new clothes, and I found hair that I really like. Strangely enough, the hair is based on Bloodrayne of video game and Uwe-Boll-horrible-movie fame. OK, maybe it’s wrong of me to call the movie horrible, since I haven’t seen it, but c’mon, it’s Uwe. While I was shopping, I got to talk to my friend Annie via IM. She may have a gig in world next week (she said it depends on her voice—she currently has a cold). If I find out they’re playing, I’ll post about it on this page.

As I finished up my shopping, I picked up a magazine (can’t remember the name right now—something like Filthy). While flipping through it, I saw that there was a build of the ship from the movie Event Horizon. I quickly teleported to the coordinates listed and found . . . nothing. No sign of the ship at all. I flew all around searching for it, but it just wasn’t there. Grrr. Anyway, while searching, I got an IM from Codie, and I ended up hanging out with her at the Code Red Lounge.

Early on in the night, I got to serve as the target for Codie’s guns as well as the victim of some of her traps. Oh well, I like to be useful when I can 😉 Afterwards, we went up to the roof of the Lounge to take pics. While we sat talking and snapping pics, Dakota Buck and some friends of hers showed up. Of course, I knew of Dakota from Flickr, but since she was with friends, I didn’t bother her. I believe that makes five people from Flickr that I’ve seen in world now.

It was a good night, so much so that I don’t even mind getting even further behind on my work 😉 As usual, I’m attaching a pic to the end of this post, and you can find more on my Flickr page.


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