All work and no play . . .

March 24, 2007

If only I were getting any work done! Instead, I’m checking my blog, other people’s blogs, my e-mail, and Flickr. Too many ways to procrastinate!

It’s amazing how once I should be working on one project, I get all kinds of ideas for other projects. Here is a list of ideas that have come to me during my procrastination:

  • I need to redesign my blog to set it apart. Something to personalize it and make it better represent who I am (or who I think I am).
  • I need to get rid of the animated gif on this page and replace it with a good pic of me as I normally look. I will then change the link for my Flickr page to an animated gif to cycle through my most recent pics (I wonder if there’s an automatic way to do this . . . must investigate).
  • I need to change my Blogger profile pic. For one, it’s the wrong aspect ratio for a profile pic. It’s almost just too small for anyone to really figure out what it is. I have better pics I can choose from, anyway.
  • I need to get a Flickr pro account. I’m an organization freak, and having only three sets to work with (which I used up the first time I uploaded to Flickr) isn’t enough. You should see my SL inventory. Folders and subfolders and sub-subfolders and sub-sub-subfolders . . . you get the point.
  • I need to try to do more design work when in world. I’m thinking of doing a whole SH avie line. I started a Lisa Garland outfit, but I still haven’t finished it. What I really want to make is Pyramid Head, but I want to be more adept when I attempt that in order to do him justice.
  • I need to get rid of a lot of my freebie clothing. I’ve tried my best to incorporate a lot of the freebie stuff into outfits, but I need to give up on that. Most of the time, there is a reason that those clothes are freebies (though there are some freebies that I will never get rid of because they are quality). I have to quit being a pack rat.
  • I need to read more design/photography magazines. I’m becoming more invested in making my SL pics look good. Might as well get ideas and tips from the pros as well as see what is current in design.

Ah, so many things to do, yet I guess I’ll focus on the most important thing facing me now—working on the paper that is due Monday :/ At least the end is near. If only I weren’t so far behind . . .



  1. Anytime you want to “talk shop” about photography, I’d be more than happy to do so.

  2. That would be great 🙂 There’s so much I would like to learn.

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