Luck of the Irish

March 18, 2007

Well, dear readers, I don’t have much to post about today. Last night was relatively uneventful.

I started the night by trying to find some accessories I needed for an outfit. I wasn’t having any luck, so I decided to play poker with my friend Tommy. He was in the process of wrapping up a game, so we didn’t play for long (just long enough for me to lose 40 L). Following the game, I went to ACTIV8 to hang out with Sexy again. The club was, not surprisingly, having a best in green contest. I’m really not that much into St. Patty’s Day, so I didn’t have a good outfit to wear. I finally just put on my green fairy outfit that I wore to the first ColeMarie concert I went to. Frankly, even if I had tried to compete, there were some excellent outfits last night, and I wouldn’t have stood a chance without putting some effort into it. Some people really went all-out for the occasion.

At one point in the night, I got stuck dancing between two Amazons. Seriously, these girls looked to be at least a foot taller than me, and my avie is 5’8″! After extricating myself from that situation, I started getting hit on by some guy who made a joke about “having me for free” (I had mentioned that much of what I was wearing were freebies), then acting like he wasn’t into cybering, then trying to convince me that cybering is no big deal. Yeah, real smooth.

I finished the night by doing some shopping. I bought a cool rockabilly dress, a pearl necklace with matching earrings, and dogtags for one of my neko outfits. And that’s about it :/ I didn’t even manage to snap any pictures (really should have got a shot of those Amazons).

I promise I’ll try to be more entertaining next time 🙂

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