When good kitties go bad . . . (don, don, doooooooon)

March 17, 2007

First off, Happy St. Patty’s Day, everyone. Make sure to put on your green, watch out for leprechauns, and beat any errant snakes you come across (Oh, Whacking Dayyyyy . . .).

Second, I have an announcement I should have made a few days ago. One of my pics from Flickr was to be put in a German newspaper today as part of a story on SL! Unfortunately, the story isn’t online, so I can’t verify that they actually used one of mine, but that they considered using one of my pics is really cool 🙂 It makes me think that my photography is improving, and though I’ll never be as good as some of the people in the SL Flickr pool, I at least have some confirmation that my pics aren’t horrible. Plus, my account is no longer falls under NIPSA (or is NIPSAed or has NIPSA applied to it or however that should be said), so I’ve been getting many more views. I have a couple of pics with over 300 views, and another one that is very close. Apparently, a pic I took of a Cthulhu sculpture in game even made Flickr Explore! Of course, it looks like many, many pics get chosen for Flickr Explore!, but I was still happy about it 🙂

Anyway, the newspaper that was to use my pic is called HNA, and the story was to appear in today’s paper (March 17). If any Deutschland readers out there happen to come across my pic, let me know 🙂 The pic would either be Annie_3-8-07_concert_3 or relaxing_at_asylum.

Wait, I just thought of another announcement. I’ve been meaning to have a housewarming party soon to get all my friends together in SL. I keep putting it off, as I’m not sure how to keep people entertained in SL—it’s not like I can just keep the alchohol flowing 😉 I’m thinking of finally setting a date within the next week or two, though. If you’d like to come but aren’t currently on my friends list, let me know.

OK, now to get to last night . . .

I tried to do some shopping again last night. I keep looking for cool outfits to go with my neko skin, but I don’t think I’m great at coming up with them. Maybe after I go exploring Midian with October some of her style will rub off on me 🙂 I did finally find a jacket that I liked and put together an outfit that I think works. We’ll see what happens when I finally wear it out.

I did come up with what I’m unimaginatively calling my “bad kitty” outfit. It doesn’t seem like a very neko outfit, but I like it 🙂 I wore it around almost all night, even when I attended a beach party. Sure, I didn’t fit in, but when you look this good, it doesn’t matter :p

While taking this pic, I made a new friend who I talked to much of the night. We started off talking horror movies and got into Star Wars and Japanese culture. He knew much more about the latter two subjects, but I think I held my own when it came to horror flicks 🙂

I did a little more exploring last night, but not much. There are a couple more pics on Flickr to check out, if you so choose.

Wow, three days in a row of posting. Can I make it four? Tune in tomorrow and find out 🙂


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