My first step towards going back to daily posts

March 16, 2007

Here we go . . . two consecutive days of posting! Woot!

Last night wasn’t the most interesting night, dear readers, but I’ll try to be as entertaining as I can 🙂

My goal last night was to find a jacket to go with the boots I bought on Wednesday night. Seemed like a simple enough task—really all that I wanted was a brown jacket. It didn’t matter if it was leather, corduroy, whatever, as long as it was something casual that would complement the boots. Instead of going into all the particulars, I’ll just tell you that it was not as simple as I thought it would be, and at the end of the night, I still did not have my jacket. I did buy a cool black leather jacket, but it did not go with the boots. Instead of the jacket, I ended up buying a hoodie and jeans outfit from the same place I bought the boots the other night. Guess I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by just buying it then :/

There was one very cool thing that happened while I was shopping: I ran into Sidney Smalls. It may sound strange, but to me, it was like meeting a celebrity! Sidney is part of the Second Life Photo Pool, and she takes some really cool pics. Beyond that, some of the descriptions for her pics talk about photo technique (it was because of her that I learned about the zoom feature in SL). She was very polite as we talked, though I was certain she would have rather been about her shopping than be bothered by me 🙂 Anyway, it made my night.

So be warned, SL Photo Pool members . . . if I see you in world, I will accost you 🙂

After I was done shopping, I decided to see some of the SL artwork that’s been talked about on the SL forums. There’s a thread devoted to a sculptor named Starax Statosky, about whom everyone was raving, so I thought I would check out what made them so special.

Since it was late when I started, I didn’t get to see a lot of his stuff, but I did get an idea of what made his work so special. This Cthulhu sculpture was my favorite out of the few I had an opportunity to see. If you check out my Flickr page, you can see a couple more (FYI, the spider sculpture is not one of Statosky’s). Also, if you check the thread in the forums, you find a list of the in-world coordinates for many of his works.

OK, I’ll be back tomorrow with more tales of the mundane 🙂


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