Return of the cat

March 15, 2007

Ugh . . . I need to get back on a daily posting schedule here. I apologize to all you hypothetical readers I have out there 😉

Anyway, I’ve been so comfortable in my neko skin, that I’ve been wearing it for the last three nights. After the “Night of the neko” I posted about last, I decided that there were more pics I wanted to take in this skin. So, after a night of dancing alongside my friend Sexy once again at ACTIV8 (I need to get a pic of us doing this sometime, since it’s been a common occurrence lately), I began searching for new places in SL to take some pics. I wore the same outfit I did on Monday night, except I removed the vest and arm warmers (in actuality, the vest, arm warmers, and leg warmers were all part of a jacket I butchered to make this outfit). I decided to try out the Wastelands, since I had seen them in the pics of other SLers and thought the environment suited my outfit.

Though I got a couple of pics I liked, I still wasn’t satisfied, so I headed to Devil’s Moon, a place I learned about from Natalia’s blog. Though I thought the city was cool, with its Blade Runner-inspired architecture, I couldn’t find any particular section of it that jumped out at me. That changed when I entered Abranimations and saw one of the coolest avies I’ve come across in SL: ED-209 from Robocop.

Though not an exact replica of everyone’s favorite malfunctioning security robot from the movie, this avie is just awesome. I don’t know where or when anyone might use this avie (maybe in a roleplaying sim?), but even I was tempted to buy it. I don’t remember the price exactly, but it seems like it was around 1200 or 1400 lindens. The upper end of that is what I paid for my neko skin, without the ears, tail, or whiskers.

Of course, I wouldn’t look nearly as cute as ED-209, right? You’d better answer that question correctly if you know what’s good for you. :p

I followed up Devil’s Moon with a trip to the City of Lost Angel’s. I took a couple of pictures there while I did my best to avoid the roleplayers (didn’t want to mess up their game). Check out my Flickr page to see them.

On Wednesday night, I met a new friend who shopped with me for neko gear. I was desperately searching for a good collar for my avie. I bought the collar with a bell from the shop on Temenos Island, and though I like it, the ringing started to drive me nuts (if anyone knows how to silence the bell, please let me know). I did buy a collar at Miau Haus that has a kitty who’s flipping everyone off (very cute), but it’s white and doesn’t show up well against my neko skin. I actually spent the whole night looking for a good collar, but even when I found one I liked, it was no copy (for the love of God, why do designers do this with items that will likely be used with more than one outfit—e.g., shoes? I’m not going to buy multiple copies, if that’s their reasoning). It wasn’t until the end of the night that I finally realized that I could easily make a collar myself. In fact, a little modification of my Maria choker would give me a collar I could copy as much as I wanted. Yeah, I’m a little slow sometimes 🙂 So, I’ll probably be spending a little time tonight coming up with a new collar. Who knows—I may even sell it, as a copyable item 🙂

Oh, I took a couple of pics last night as well, sporting a new hair/hat combo and new outfit. Check out my Flickr page to see it.

Hopefully, I’ll be back here posting mañana with more thrilling tales 🙂



  1. Neko’s always look so cool.

  2. I think so, too. That’s what’s been keeping me in this skin 🙂

  3. I just discovered your blog =)

    Anyone who is into SH and is now trying out being a neko has got to be ok 😉

    Devil’s Moon *is* very cool…another place that’s heavily influenced by Blade Runner is Midian City. It’s the closest I’ve seen so far. If you want, we could meet up in-world and do some exploring. I like meeting new people; I don’t get to do it nearly as much as I’d like to.

  4. That would be awesome! 🙂

    I actually went to Midian City on Monday night (I think), but after reading their rules, I wasn’t sure I’d be welcome dressed as a neko, so I left :/

    Please send me a message, as I’d love to hang out 🙂

  5. Of course you’d be welcome as a neko! There’s an entire neko gang there. We can go poke around there together if you want. =)

  6. Coolness 🙂

    It was their humanoid policy that left me unsure whether or not I’d be welcome. I guess I was too chicken to test it 🙂

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