Sunday through Tuesday recap

March 7, 2007
Here’s what’s happened over the last few days.


After finishing the Maria costume I posted about last, I attended Natalia Zelmanov’s blog party at the Bubblegum Music Factory. I decided I would wear the teal dress I bought at the Virtual Angels charity yard sale, as it has quickly become one of my favorites (the clothing from Simone is really well done—you should visit the yard sale if you haven’t yet, but do it soon, as it ends on March 10). Using the landmark Natalia had included with the invitation, I arrived at the party maybe 5 minutes or so after it began. Unfortunately, I had to wait another 5-10 minutes, as the area was lagged, and my hair and dress wouldn’t rez (I actually hid in the bushes outside until they finally did). Grrr . . .

Anyway, once I was completely clothed :), I joined the party inside. A lot of people who frequent Natalia’s blog were there, dancing and talking away. Natalia wore her dress from the Miss Second Life finals, and it looked very, very nice close up. After dancing for about an hour, we all stood in front of the fireplace for a group picture . . . which I unfortunately don’t have available to post (sorry). I will post one of the snapshots I took, though 🙂

That’s Natalia on the left side of the picture. I didn’t talk to her much, as I imagined she was being IMed left and right by partygoers, and I didn’t want to add to the deluge. Maybe someday I’ll meet her in SL in a less hectic situation and we’ll have a chance to chat 🙂

I think everyone had a good time at the party, and awards were given near the end for best-dressed female and worst-dressed male. My choice for best-dressed female didn’t win (and no, it wasn’t me), but I did help choose the winner for worst-dressed male 🙂

I had to make a quick exit from the party as it neared its end, as I had a RL problem to attend to (my sink was overflowing, flooding my kitchen!). I’m not sure if I returned to SL again before . . .


Since I was so pleased with my Maria costume (though I know it could still use a little work), I decided to start work on a Lisa Garland costume. Lisa is the nurse from Silent Hill 1, and she is a fan favorite because of her tragic story. Though it seems that her outfit shouldn’t be too difficult to do, since it is just a nurse’s uniform, that seems to make it all the more difficult to me. Because it is just a nurse’s uniform, I have to make sure all the details are there to differentiate it from other nurse’s uniforms. So, I’m trying to get everything as close as possible. I really want to capture the shape and texture of Lisa’s hat, so I’ve been spending a good amount of time experimenting with that. Plus, I’m trying to figure out how to shade a white dress and have it come out looking right. I’ll post some pics as I get closer to finishing the outfit.


In an effort to build a sense of community with my neighbors, I decided to transform the greater portion of my property into a park. It’s fairly basic as it is, but I finished it on Tuesday. The park is, I’m guessing, about 1024 sq. m., so it isn’t huge, but it has a modified version of the pond I previously made, several cherry trees, some flowers, and three brick archways leading into it. Each arch has the name “Streeter Park” etched into it (damn narcissism). I still haven’t found anything to put on the pedestal in the center of my little pond. I’ll come up with something . . . eventually 🙂

I also spent Tuesday shopping for yet more clothes while the Virtual Angels charity yard sale is still in effect. I bought two more dresses, a top, and a pair of shoes (which didn’t show up in my inventory, though I’m sure that will be rectified). I was so happy with the way that my avie looked in one of the dresses, that I just kept having her walk back and forth near my home (did I mention the narcissism?). During this, I IMed back and forth with Annie, one of the coolest SL chicas out there 🙂 Oh, and her band is playing at Harmony again tomorrow! I’ll post the time here later 🙂

After talking to Annie, I spent some time talking with my friend Sexy, who has added ACTIV8 to the clubs she djs at. I joined her there later for a beach party. We had fun dancing the night away in our bikinis (though someone didn’t keep her bikini on for long ;)). After the winners were announced for best male and female swimsuit, I called it a night, as I was exhausted.

And now, I have to be off to work :/ But I’ll be back soon 🙂


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