My first attempt at making an outfit

March 5, 2007

OK, so the title isn’t 100% accurate. I did try making several outfits before leaving newbie island. Of course, these were all incredibly basic, and I have none of them in my inventory now. Since then, I have made pieces to go with other clothing I bought (or got for free), such as socks or an undershirt, but I didn’t try another complete outfit of my own until this past weekend.

What prompted me to take another shot at clothes design was seeing an image posted by October Hush to the Second Life Flickr pool. She submitted a snapshot from Little Silent Hill, and being a fan of the games, I decided I had to visit the area. But if I were going to go, I needed to be dressed appropriately.

I visited the shop in Little Silent Hill to see if they had any outfits. While they did have a cool Robbie the Rabbit avatar for free and had a mini Pyramid Head (not sure if this was an outfit or just a doll), they did not have an outfit for the character I had my heart set on: Maria from Silent Hill 2. I couldn’t walk around Little Silent Hill in my normal clothes, so I took it upon myself to create the outfit.

The construction took all my SL time on Saturday and part of Sunday. Using Chip Midnight’s clothing templates (which are improved versions of the basic SL clothing templates) and Photoshop CS (still haven’t upgraded), I created Maria’s undershirt, sweater, skirt, socks, and butterfly tattoo. It took a lot of tweaking (and several uploads of new textures) to get the seams to adequately match up, but I was finally satisfied with what I had done. In game, I created Maria’s choker, belt, ring, and boots. The boots were a definite first for me, and the first version of them was very basic (and very clunky—this is like the fourth time I’ve used that word to describe the boots because it defined them so well). On Sunday, I worked on the boots a little more, and they are now much closer to what Maria wears in the game.

So, without further ado, here is the outfit, placed beside a picture of Maria for your reference. There are a few things that I still might tweak, but I’m pretty happy with it right now. What I would really like to change are the hair and skin, but I have never tried to create either, and I think they may be beyond my abilities right now. The hair that I’m wearing here is the platinum and pink Tart from Diversity Hair, edited to make it darker (couldn’t add the dark roots, though, without changing the texture). The skin is my normal skin (New Blush from Chip Midnight) sans makeup. In my opinion, I look a little too healthy and happy here to be Maria, and changing the skin and makeup would go a long way in fixing that. If anyone has any comments or suggestions on the outfit, I’d love to hear them 🙂 There’s always a chance that someone will see something that I’ve totally missed.

I’ll end with this image of Maria in action at Heaven’s Night in Little Silent Hill. Be sure to check out my Flickr page for more images of the outfit.

I’ll be posting again soon with info about Natalia Zelmanov’s blog party, which I attended yesterday afternoon. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should, as it is incredibly informative, especially to those of us with aspirations of creating in-game material. You can find her blog here.



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