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No more procrastination

March 31, 2007

Hung out with Codie and took some pics last night . . . and that’s probably it for the weekend. Have too much to do.

See you all sometime next week 🙂


Hmm . . . shouldn’t I be working?

March 30, 2007

So, instead of doing the work that I need so badly to finish, I spent the night on SL. By this point, I think it’s what’s expected of me :/

At least I had a good time tonight. I bought some more new clothes, and I found hair that I really like. Strangely enough, the hair is based on Bloodrayne of video game and Uwe-Boll-horrible-movie fame. OK, maybe it’s wrong of me to call the movie horrible, since I haven’t seen it, but c’mon, it’s Uwe. While I was shopping, I got to talk to my friend Annie via IM. She may have a gig in world next week (she said it depends on her voice—she currently has a cold). If I find out they’re playing, I’ll post about it on this page.

As I finished up my shopping, I picked up a magazine (can’t remember the name right now—something like Filthy). While flipping through it, I saw that there was a build of the ship from the movie Event Horizon. I quickly teleported to the coordinates listed and found . . . nothing. No sign of the ship at all. I flew all around searching for it, but it just wasn’t there. Grrr. Anyway, while searching, I got an IM from Codie, and I ended up hanging out with her at the Code Red Lounge.

Early on in the night, I got to serve as the target for Codie’s guns as well as the victim of some of her traps. Oh well, I like to be useful when I can 😉 Afterwards, we went up to the roof of the Lounge to take pics. While we sat talking and snapping pics, Dakota Buck and some friends of hers showed up. Of course, I knew of Dakota from Flickr, but since she was with friends, I didn’t bother her. I believe that makes five people from Flickr that I’ve seen in world now.

It was a good night, so much so that I don’t even mind getting even further behind on my work 😉 As usual, I’m attaching a pic to the end of this post, and you can find more on my Flickr page.


Yet another SL break

March 28, 2007

OK, kids, I’m way behind in my work, and now people are applying pressure . . .

So, no SL for me tonight, and probably not tomorrow night, either. In fact, from the way things look now, I might not be on all weekend.

The following is to help illustrate the sense of impending doom I’m feeling right now:

Eep :/


Good night, great people

March 27, 2007

Last night I returned to SL after being off most the weekend (I did log on in a moment of weakness Saturday night and talked to Codie for several hours). I did my best to make up for lost time 🙂

I started off the night shopping, which should not be in the least bit surprising. I visited BareRose Tokyo for the first time, and though the shopping went slowly because of the heavy lag, I fell in love with the store. They have a huge selection of clothing, and had I not shown some restraint, I could have gone broke easily 🙂

While shopping, Codie offered to teleport me to a party at the Code Red Lounge. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so that I could join in the festivities (though I do plan on going to the fundraiser this weekend).

The most exciting part of the night came when October IMed me and offered to show me around Pleasantville—and no, I’m not just saying that because she might read this post 🙂 I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it was because of October’s pics on Flickr that I ever decided to try out being a neko. Meeting up with October was like meeting a SL celebrity, and I was thrilled that she was willing to take time to hang out with me.

Pleasantville was really remarkable. For one, it’s big. It’s also thoughtfully put together (at least, it seems so). Practically everything I saw had character, from the playground-turned-toxic-waste-dump to the human skin rug to the mines that run under (or is that over?) the city. I was surprised to see so much time and effort put into something that wasn’t commercial. Very cool. Kriss and Jezebella should be proud.

Speaking of Kriss, we actually ran across her when in the mines. She was in the process of working on them, but we had a chance to talk a bit. I was happy to find that she was very cool and easy to talk to. I’m always a little apprehensive about meeting artistic people because I think they’ll be dismissive of anyone outside their own clique. Damn stereotypes 🙂

Anyway, I had a great time. Got to see some cool builds and meet some cool people.

I finished up the night doing yet more shopping, but this time I had my friend FallOutBoy join me. We had a good time hitting several stores, buying everything from clothes to boots to a collar that October had showed me earlier in the night. FOB made the comment that she was glad I didn’t live close to her in RL because she would be broke all the time 🙂 I guess shopping is infectious 😉 Overall, I spent L$1400-1500 last night, which isn’t bad, considering I ended up with three new pairs of boots, a few new outfits, and some accessories. Considering all the new items, I’m surprised I didn’t spend more 🙂 Before logging off, FOB and I made a quick trip to Svarga to take a few pics. I think this is my favorite out of the bunch:

Good times 🙂


MyHeritage look-alikes for Chloe

March 25, 2007

After seeing the results of the celebrity face recognition Natalia ran on both her normal avie and her evil alt, Talia (posted on her blog March 19), I decided to see who MyHeritage believes my avie resembles. I searched my Flickr page for an image that had a good frontal view of my face and chose this one:

After scanning my avie’s face, these are the celebrities MyHeritage says I most resemble (along with a percentage of how closely my avie resembles that celebrity):

Hmm . . . 96% Angelina Jolie. Now where am I going to find room for all those adopted children? 🙂


All work and no play . . .

March 24, 2007

If only I were getting any work done! Instead, I’m checking my blog, other people’s blogs, my e-mail, and Flickr. Too many ways to procrastinate!

It’s amazing how once I should be working on one project, I get all kinds of ideas for other projects. Here is a list of ideas that have come to me during my procrastination:

  • I need to redesign my blog to set it apart. Something to personalize it and make it better represent who I am (or who I think I am).
  • I need to get rid of the animated gif on this page and replace it with a good pic of me as I normally look. I will then change the link for my Flickr page to an animated gif to cycle through my most recent pics (I wonder if there’s an automatic way to do this . . . must investigate).
  • I need to change my Blogger profile pic. For one, it’s the wrong aspect ratio for a profile pic. It’s almost just too small for anyone to really figure out what it is. I have better pics I can choose from, anyway.
  • I need to get a Flickr pro account. I’m an organization freak, and having only three sets to work with (which I used up the first time I uploaded to Flickr) isn’t enough. You should see my SL inventory. Folders and subfolders and sub-subfolders and sub-sub-subfolders . . . you get the point.
  • I need to try to do more design work when in world. I’m thinking of doing a whole SH avie line. I started a Lisa Garland outfit, but I still haven’t finished it. What I really want to make is Pyramid Head, but I want to be more adept when I attempt that in order to do him justice.
  • I need to get rid of a lot of my freebie clothing. I’ve tried my best to incorporate a lot of the freebie stuff into outfits, but I need to give up on that. Most of the time, there is a reason that those clothes are freebies (though there are some freebies that I will never get rid of because they are quality). I have to quit being a pack rat.
  • I need to read more design/photography magazines. I’m becoming more invested in making my SL pics look good. Might as well get ideas and tips from the pros as well as see what is current in design.

Ah, so many things to do, yet I guess I’ll focus on the most important thing facing me now—working on the paper that is due Monday :/ At least the end is near. If only I weren’t so far behind . . .


No SL for Chloe today

March 23, 2007

And maybe not tomorrow or Sunday, either.

I’ve been procrastinating and letting my RL work pile up. Now I’m in a crunch, so I have to pull away from SL for a bit. It’s going to be hard, as I believe I actually may be addicted to our little virtual world. It’s going to take a good amount of will power to keep myself from logging in just for a bit 🙂

So, I’ll miss you guys. If you’re reading this and have nothing better to do, leave me a note to say “hi.” I would especially like to hear from anyone who has read this blog but hasn’t commented before. Just let me know you’re out there 🙂

Of course, this means I won’t be posting any new Flickr pics, either, for those of you who’ve checked out my work there. That may be a good thing. I’ve been trying to improve my skills, capturing what I think are more interesting shots than what I’ve previously taken. And you know which picture will soon be my most viewed pic on Flickr? The old vs new Chloe pic I posted on Wednesday—the one in which I show a little skin. Grrr . . .

OK, I have to get to work. Thanks for stopping by. That anyone is willing to spend part of his or her day reading my ramblings warms my heart and stuff 🙂

Oh, and so this isn’t all just text, below I am posting what I believe to be the earliest SL pic in my Flickr pool. This was taken before I bought my Chip Midnight skin, and I think everything I’m wearing but the corset is a freebie. Enjoy 🙂