SL disappointment

February 24, 2007

Since I’m unable to use SL right now, being away from home and limited to a dial-up connection (ugh!), I’ll talk about my last SL experience (Wednesday night) and some disappointing developments in my SL life. Sorry, this won’t be a cheery post. I’ll try to do better next time 🙂

So, first, I’ll talk about Wednesday night. It is, without a doubt, the worst night I’ve had on SL so far. Up to this night, I’ve been able to find something in SL to keep me entertained, but this night I was bored. I think what started the night off so badly was losing 1200 lindens playing heads-up poker. I may have had the worst run of cards in my life, and I’m not a good enough player to not get frustrated and play poorly :/ I was ahead at one point, then the drought started and I dropped 400 lindens. I bought in for another 400 lindens, determined to at least break even, but lost it as well. Not willing to cut my losses, I did it again. I put the last 400 in having the top two pairs on the board. Unfortunately, the board had paired sixes, and my opponent just happened to have one. Granted, 1200 lindens is only like $5, but it still hurt to lose 🙂

I followed up my poker loss by teleporting around SL trying to find something interesting to do. I checked out a few places, but I really couldn’t find anything to keep me entertained. My friends were either busy or offline, so I just wandered aimlessly. *sigh*

I did get to spend the last part of my night (maybe an hour?) talking to Sexy, but after several hours of no action, the night as a whole was a bust.

To add to the disappointment of that night, I just now learned that there will be no more First Land. So, I signed up for a premium membership to receive a measly 1200 lindens per month. Joy. Sure, I still get the free 512 m tier, but with land prices the way they are, I’m not sure I’ll ever make use of it.

Oh, and I’ve been getting e-mails today stating that my lease is about to run out on the land I’m renting, and since I can’t get into SL to renew it, I may log in next to no longer have my plot to rent. Grrr . . .

OK, I’m done complaining. Thanks for allowing me to air my grievances 🙂

On a positive note, I did work on an image I took in SL to improve the picture quality. You can find the original muddy version in my Flickr pool

I love my neko skin 🙂

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  1. There will be more nights in SL… 🙂

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