Sunday evening: poker at the Blue Tattoo, and then the Magic Garden

February 19, 2007

I started off tonight getting an invite from my poker buddy Tommy. I was in the mood to play (even though I seem to lose a lot), so I changed out of my Kermit jammies and teleported to the Blue Tattoo.

I started off playing very poorly, and soon lost the 400 lindens I brought to the table (most of those taken by Tommy). I didn’t want to lose any more, so I said my goodbyes and went exploring.

Well, I just couldn’t take it. I wanted my money back, so I returned to the Blue Tattoo. Not only did I reclaim my money from Tommy, but I ended up leaving with a few hundred lindens extra 🙂

I decided I would spend the rest of the night exploring, when I came across the Magical Garden at Pitcairn. It was so beautiful there that I decided to take some pictures of me in the new Alice in Wonderland dress Cole gave me last night (she is unbelievably generous). I think I managed to take some cute pics. Check out my Flickr page to see for yourself 🙂 Below is my favorite of the bunch:

That smile makes me look like I’m up to no good. Maybe I’m not 😉


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