Saturday wrap-up, and on into Sunday . . .

February 19, 2007

I thought that sightseeing would be the way I wrapped up last night, as I went out to take a few more shots (including some beach shots), but then I met up with ColeMarie, and things got a little nutty. 🙂

First, we started off acting silly at Pandora’s Box. Then, she had the idea to take the madness to the outside SL world. We ended up in a very nice area (grrr . . . don’t remember what it was called) doing whatever insanity came to mind. We even teleported people in (mostly Cole’s friends) to partake. It was so funny. I know that we freaked out at least one guy, as I saw him scurrying away from us twice 🙂 Cole’s friend Neb got much of it on video. Maybe I can get the link and post it here.

After the goofiness, Cole wanted to get some pictures. We donned our fairie gear (most of us, anyway), and posed for several shots. Here’s a pic of my friend Annie:

Pretty, pretty 🙂

We went to Neb’s afterwards to watch the video. It was about 9 AM my time when we finished watching it, so I had to bid everyone adieu.

And then came Sunday evening . . .


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