First post—ColeMarie concert at the Faerie Gardens

February 16, 2007

I should have started this blog last week, when I first began using Second Life (SL), but I didn’t know at the time I would get so addicted and have so much to talk about.

Anyway, for my inaugural post, I will talk about an SL concert I went to tonight.

ColeMarie Soleil, with whom I recently became friends, held a concert at the Faerie Gardens. I arrived just before the show began to find a large, mostly winged audience huddled in front of the stage. I was glad that I had dressed appropriately, wearing a short emerald green dress with light blue butterfly wings (think Tinkerbell).

The concert was the first I have attended in SL, and I really enjoyed it. The crowd was incredibly supportive of ColeMarie, as her tip jar clearly showed. Though most of the music were covers, she graced us with some of her own work as well, including a song about SL.

The concert lasted nearly two hours, well past the time it was to end (the crowd couldn’t get enough). ColeMarie told us that her voice was a little scratchy because she had been sick, but like a real trooper, she stuck in there and kept playing for her audience.

Great night, overall. If you’re a Second Lifer, you should stop by and see ColeMarie at Pandora’s Box (I think you have to leave the apostrophe out to get it to show up in Search).

Check out the Chloe’s Flickr link to the right to see more images from the concert.

Until next time . . . Chloe


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